Monday, 10 November 2008


This is going to be a blog about the things that other people have said about God. It won't be so much about what I think (although that will doubtless creep in whether I want it to or not) as about trying to communicate some of the different ways that people have thought about and talked about God. One thought that some of the Church Fathers have is that, until we've used every word we have to name God, we won't have grasped the fullness and depth of the riches of who God is, and even if we could do that, we still won't have got it. It makes me sad that sometimes the Church focuses in on a few images and names and concepts for God to the exclusion of all others, and it makes me excited that we could talk about God forever and never run out of new stories to tell, poetry to write, wisdom to acquire.

This blog may evolve over time, but right now, the basic concept is this: I will read theology books (for me, this means pretty much any book, I'm afraid, as I'd argue that in the end, everything is theological), and I will try to communicate some of what I read for people who aren’t academic theologians. This will be good for me: having to explain an idea to other people is probably the best way to grasp it properly yourself. It might be good for you too, but I’m not making any promises. In the interests of our mutual edification, though, please comment and let me know if there's anything you'd like me to say again, say better, or say differently.

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Fiona said...

This is fantastic Marika. It's like Christian York Notes. Looking forward to more

Fiona xxx