Thursday, 19 March 2009

A deafening silence

You may have noticed that I've gone a bit quiet this week. It's not that I've gone all apophatic, alas, but because I'm in the middle of deadline hell, with 70% of my MA coursework due in over the next three weeks. I will try to post, but it won't be as often as usual, for which I am sorry.

To keep your brains ticking over in the meantime (and I know you all rely on me for important mental stimulation), I have decided to offer you the Unprecedented! Exciting! Awesome! opportunity to use this time to think about whether there's anything particular you'd like me to write about, and to leave your suggestions in the comments below. I won't promise to satisfy all requests, as I have not yet read every theology book in the world, and have been sufficiently well educated to know not to go pontificating on topics of which I am wholly or largely ignorant (not in my blog, anyway). But I will do what I can to answer any questions/expostulate on any topics you should feel moved to put to me, and if you don't then I will just resume blogging as per usual as soon as there's any space in my head for it, on the 4th April if not before.

Photo credit: "Dave-F almost retired" on Flickr (that is, incidentally, an almost exact likeness of me after a day of wrestling with postmodernity, apophaticism and John Milbank)

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