Sunday, 14 June 2009

My first ever guest blog post.

A milestone, dear readers. I recently signed up for a fun project called Open Table Theology. The idea is that lots of theology bloggers gather round a big virtual table to share their two penn'orth about a particular topic. This month is all about the image of God, and it's been fun so far, although obviously the disadvantage of the virtual table is that there is no actual tea or biscuits provided, so I'm afraid you'll have to bring your own. Check out my contribution here, and everybody else's thoughts here.


watchman146 said...

I admit, I'm a fan!

Welcome to the conversation. Loved the post. Looking forward to more.

Miss Mapp said...

Am so glad Marika that your blogging community is opening and filling up with expets who can dialogue with you on another level. Enjoy. Liked the post -and the humour as always.Also the Butler observation. Great thought to carry forward.